Here are our wonderfully fun and reassuringly safe ways to celebrate the Christmas story with your families, churches and communities.

We have stretched our imaginations and thought outside the box (or should we say stocking!) for ways to bring joy and celebration to your families and communities in these unusual times. These ideas will inspire you to still enjoy this wonderful season, creating fun and interactive ways to communicate the Christmas story using the songs from our brand-new nativity It’s A Miracle!

Unfortunately, good news is not something that 2020 will be remembered for. So, let’s find ways to share the most hope-filled, joyful and inspiring story this world has ever experienced.

Staying at home can encourage the joy of Christmas crafting! Enjoy playing or singing our fantastic new nativity songs as you make simple crafts to celebrate this special season together.
With unforgettable songs and a host of filming ideas, this guide to a virtual nativity performance brings all the ‘aaah’ and none of the ‘argh’ to filming your nativity in lockdown.
Put on a highlight-of-the-year event around the Christmas story and bring your community together with simple crafts. A brilliant alternative to a traditional nativity production.
For a creative and unifying way to build up the Christmas anticipation in your online church services and social media posts, look no further!
Download our shapes sheet to print or draw all the shapes you’ll need to cut out.
Every single thing you’ll need, to do the crafts that we have featured.