Staying at home won’t stop the joy of Christmas creativity!
Gather round the table with children of all ages to explore the Nativity story through crafting, playing and singing together. These It’s A Miracle! activities carve out time for open conversations about Jesus and Christmas, teaching and engaging children through fun crafts and songs that everyone will love singing along to. You could even perform these songs to family members via video call with your creations!
Here’s how to do this with your church or children’s group:

1. Watch our craft videos and decide what you would like to have a go at.

2. Buy and download the songs and the videos of the crafts you’ll be making.

3. Buy all the craft resources you’ll need from the shopping list.

4. Get everyone together round the table (seasonal snacks encouraged) and start making!

5. We would LOVE to see what you have made, so send us some pictures or tag us on social media @sameboatmusic for Facebook and Twitter, for Instagram.

Here are the brand-new songs from It’s A Miracle! and some craft ideas. Choose as many as you like; the paper nativity figures work well for a one-off craft or you can make them all to create the whole nativity scene. Scroll to the bottom for a camel hobby horse idea.
SONG: Its So Exciting!
VIDEO: Paper Nativity Angel

SONG: I Believe
VIDEO: Paper Nativity Mary And Joseph

SONG: Good Luck With That!
VIDEO: Paper Nativity Stable

SONG: On A Journey
VIDEO: Paper Nativity
Three Kings

SONG: His Father’s Love
VIDEO: Paper Nativity

SONG: A Starry Night
VIDEO: Paper Nativity Shepherd And Sheep

SONG: On A Journey
VIDEO: Camel Hobby Horse