For churches of all sizes (but if your church has a large children's congregation, you could consider hosting the event more than once).


With the usual nativity productions off the menu for now, this Creative Craft Worship is a brilliant way to celebrate Christmas and come together as a community. Families will love making these paper nativity figures and a camel hobby horse along to the fantastic songs from our brand-new nativity, It’s A Miracle!

Pre-booked families/bubbles can sit around tables together with pre-prepared craft packs (one per child) containing everything they’ll need for the activities. If you have a screen, play our craft videos as an example, and then the host of your event can demonstrate the craft activity step by step, with the families following along at the same time. Have people nearby to help the families from a distance if they get stuck! Play the It’s A Miracle! songs as everyone gets stuck in. We recommend that the event host uses a microphone so they can be clearly heard over the music. Include as many crafts and songs as you like to shape your event. You could even read the It's A Miracle! script or Bible verses in-between each craft to help tell the nativity story as you go along.
Here’s a handy checklist to help you plan this event for your church or children’s group:

1. Pick your craft activities. Choose which activities to include in your event, then buy and download the videos and songs that relate to your chosen activities. We have a list of craft suggestions for each song below.

2. Pre-book the families. Use a system that allows attendees to book in advance. This ensures you’ll be able to set up the event with social-distancing measures in place, and have the right amount of craft materials ready.

3. Buy the bits you’ll need. Purchase the resources you’ll need from the craft shopping list and put these together in packs for each child (make a few spares just in case). Make sure you do this in advance so that the packs can be quarantined for 72 hours before being given to families.

4. Setting up the practicalities. Set up the pre-booked family/bubble tables two metres apart from each other. Top tip: mark out 2m x 2m boxes on the floor with tape to help each family adhere to the social-distancing measures. Have a table and a screen ready at the front so that the host can demonstrate each activity. Have the music lined up in advance to help your event run smoothly.

5. Make it Accessible. If you reach capacity but have families who still want to be involved, or you have self-isolating families in your community, you could live-stream this event, delivering the craft packs with everything they need to their homes. Make sure that any parents or children who don’t want to be filmed are out of shot.

Here are the brand-new songs from It’s A Miracle! and some craft ideas. Choose as many as you like; the paper nativity figures work well for a one-off craft or you can make them all to create the whole nativity scene. 
SONG: Its So Exciting!
VIDEO: Paper Nativity Angel

SONG: I Believe
VIDEO: Paper Nativity Mary And Joseph

SONG: Good Luck With That!
VIDEO: Paper Nativity Stable

SONG: On A Journey
VIDEO: Paper Nativity
Three Kings

SONG: His Father’s Love
VIDEO: Paper Nativity Jesus

SONG: A Starry Night
VIDEO: Paper Nativity Shepherd And Sheep

SONG: On A Journey
VIDEO: Camel Hobby Horse