About Us

Same Boat Music is part of the Out of the Ark family, who’s award-winning songs have been enjoyed by millions of children in over 18,000 schools for 30 years. We believe in the power of songs to inspire faith, celebration and what it truly means to live life to the full.

Same Boat Music is taking these songs on a new voyage - into homes and churches around the world. Packed full of truth, celebration and hope, these songs are identity-forming, community-growing, wonder-inspiring and undeniably catchy! It’s time to set sail and take them directly into the places where children, families and communities can enjoy them together.

We exist to capture and preserve all that is good - the breadth and diversity of life and the world around us - passing it on through the medium of music. 

What’s in a name!?

We’re in the Same Boat as Out of the Ark!

We’re all in the Same Boat singing together regardless of age – our songs span generations and can be sung by children and adults, or better still as a community together.

As humanity we are all in the Same Boat living on a planet, we call home!  We all have different backgrounds and experiences but by singing together we create a common unity that helps unite us

We love being on this journey together and partnering with great song writers, producers and musicians to bring exciting new songs to you!