Praise To The One Review - Ally Ross

If you are looking for repertoire to introduce or reaffirm God in the lives of Children and families then this album is a blessing. Even if you pick and choose from the tracks, there is something there to cater for one and all. Same Boat Music- Bravo! 

Our Father delights in sound - Emily

I have 3 very vocal boys. Daily they come out of school over-worked and under-played. Manifestations of hungry tummies, irritable thoughts and fidgety legs play out; a cheeky snipe that gains momentum as a foot reacts. A squeal as a finger pinches, a tummy growl that needs a biscuit. And an internal monologue that sings its own song, to the tune of ‘breathe in...and out’. As a car-full of feelings and frustrations we very naturally find our own sound.

We're Here!!!

It’s been months in the making but we’re finally here! Our website is up and running and we hope you get to spend some time exploring what our team have created.

Intergenerational Faith Formation - Murray Wilkinson

Guest post from Murray Wilkinson - Children and Young People's Ministry Adviser for the Diocese of Canterbury

Let’s stop talking about youth work, or children’s activities that are ‘for them’ or ‘to them’, and let’s talk instead about ‘ministry with children and young people’. ‘To’ implies that we know all the answers if they would only listen, ‘with’ recognises instead their intrinsic value as a member of the Body of Christ, created in the image of God.