There’s nothing like the run of Advent Sundays to build up Christmas anticipation!
This idea works really well as part of a church’s online service or through social media. Share one of our craft videos each Sunday in December, either as part of the service or on your social media platforms. Have families who want to get involved request their craft packs that contain everything they need in advance, or send out a shopping list to everyone who wants to join in. Ask parents to send in photos of their creations and share these to encourage everyone to get involved and feel united by the Christmas fun!
Here’s how to do this with your church or children’s group:

1. Begin to spread the word that there will be a craft to join in with each Advent Sunday. Ask families to request craft packs in advance so they have everything they need, or direct them to the shopping list for themselves.

2. Download the videos and songs of the crafts you’ll be making. Get these ready as part of your online services or social media posts. You can add your own introductions or videos of you making the crafts to personalize this for your community.

3. Create and distribute the craft packs for families, or make sure they have the shopping list. See our COVID-19 Health and Safety Measures below*.

4. Get as many families on board as possible and encourage photo or video sharing on social media. Remember to send out reminders during the week of what you’ll be making so that all families can be prepared. Dont forget to make sure you have parental/carer permission to share any photos online that include children.

5. We would LOVE to see what you have made so send us some pictures or tag us on social media @sameboatmusic for Facebook and Twitter, for Instagram.

SONG: Good Luck With That!
VIDEO: Paper Nativity Stable
SONG: It’s So Exciting!
VIDEO: Paper Nativity Angel
SONG: I Believe
VIDEO: Paper Nativity
Mary And Joseph
SONG: His Father’s Love
VIDEO: Paper Nativity Jesus
If you want to extend this into a series, you could spread these videos across more Sundays in the run up to Christmas:
SONG: A Starry Night
VIDEO: Paper Nativity
Shepherd And Sheep
SONG: On A Journey
VIDEO: Paper Nativity
Three Kings
*Covid-19 health and safety measures:

If you are providing the craft packs, remember to allow enough time for these to be quarantined, and wear gloves when delivering or posting them.