These songs have been specially chosen to be used alongside The Bible Society's The In-Between Time, Easter to Pentecost resource. These thought-provoking, catchy songs will help bring the Easter story to life in a new and special way for children and adults alike.
Same Boat Music is part of the Out of the Ark family, whose award-winning songs have been enjoyed by millions of children in over 18,000 schools for 30 years. We believe in the power of songs to inspire faith, celebration and to help us understand what it truly means to live life to the full.

A bright, bouncy and energetic song of joy, giving opportunities to jump, dance and wave your hands in the air to celebrate the good news of Easter.
Every Brand New Day
A positive outlook on the opportunities and problems of every day living.
He Is Risen! (Easter Blessing)
A song of blessing and declaration for Easter.
Raise Your Banner!
A song of proclamation to celebrate Jesus, the one who saves us and the King of kings!
A triumphant song heralding the good news about the resurrection of Jesus at Easter time.
Up Times, Down Times
A fun, funky, simple song about praising God in the good times and in the bad times.
Lord I Pray (Confession Song)
A simple, reflective prayer of confession and forgiveness.