Kids Craft Activity: Star Naming

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This activity is a fun (and delicious!) way to talk about God as our amazing Creator who cares about every detail, based on Psalm 147:4;

“He counts the stars and calls them all by name”.

How mind-blowing is that?! That when we look into the night sky we can see beauty that is carefully and personally arranged every night by our God. Revealing Him as a powerful, creative and personal Maker, this truth is definitely one talking to children about!

This activity can involve children of all ages, the older ones can bake and get creative naming their own stars and the littlest of participants can place the stars in their pre-drawn places in the ‘night sky’. Then everyone can enjoy eating them!


Listen to Everywhere Around Me while you bake up a galaxy! It’s a lively song that expresses the sense of wonder at God’s creation that you’ll be exploring in this activity.


It’s an opportunity to talk about God as a wonderful Creator who made everything we see around us, from stars to insects and mountains to people - He cares about all of his creation.

So to get started you’ll need this biscuit recipe (please be aware of any children’s allergies and find alternate recipes as needed):


And this equipment:

Dark Paper

White pen or crayon

Star Cutters

Kitchen equipment and ingredients as in the recipe



Then follow these simple steps:


  1. Make the biscuit dough

Make the dough


2. Cut out the star shapes and bake them

Cut out the stars

3. While they are baking, draw round the biscuit cutters on a dark background and name them (silly or serious!)

Draw round the cutter

4. Optional - decorate the stars

5. Put them in their places in the night sky, calling them out by name!

Name the stars

6. Eat them all up - yum.

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Pippa Tucker

Pippa is married to Kristian, has a two year old son and lives on the south coast of England. Pippa loves to see God revealed in the everyday. You may have spotted Pippa's hands in our craft videos!

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