Top Three Songs For Healthy Self-Esteem

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Using a song to remember something is a well-known technique, proof of this in my own life comes in the form of a song I learnt over twenty years ago in Year 7 French: Quelle Est La Date De Ton Anniversaire, the fact that my Mum can only remember her mobile number when she sings it, and a good friend who recently said “all my Bible knowledge comes from the Donut Man” (if you don’t know who that is, it is very much worth a google).

The Same Boat Music catalogue is brimming with songs that really help Godly truths to ‘stick’, and our album One Of A Kind is all about identity and self-worth. I think our children need these positive messages more than ever before - they have taken an emotional and social battering this past year. The friendship groups, sports teams, hobbies and family get-togethers that were important building blocks in the making of our children’s identity and self-esteem all toppled to the floor. This is a key time to up our game in the way we intentionally help our children to rebuild their sense of self in a healthy and God-focused way, so I have chosen our top three songs to help us with this. Put these on in the car, while you eat breakfast, at bath time - any time these songs are played they are carrying important truths that our children really need right now.

  • Thank You God

    This lively song will have everyone in the family dancing, and teaches us of the never-ending, always-present and freely-given gift of God’s wonderful love.

    “Love that never leaves me
    Always pleased to see me
    Love that takes delight in who I am

    Love that lasts forever
    Welcomes me whenever
    Love that knew me long before the world began”

  • I’m OK!

    Promoting self-worth, self-respect and a healthy sense of value, this happy-go-lucky song makes no apology for being ourselves and reminds us that our lives are intended and given by God.

    “I’m OK, I was meant to be
    No mistake, there’s a place for me
    Whatever people say,
    I am me and that’s OK!

    I’m unique, there’s no-one like me
    It’s a fact, I’m a VIP!
    No matter what they say,
    I am me and that’s OK!”

  • Thank You for Loving Me

    Based on John 3:16 this is a simple song of gratitude for the great love that Jesus shows us and reminds us that we were loved even before the creation of the world.

    “Before you made the skies and sea
    Your heart was full of love for me.
    You knew the person I would be
    Thank you for loving me.

    You came to earth to live like us
    With words of life and arms of love
    You showed the way to heaven above
    Thank you for loving us”

If you want to explore this further we have a simple craft idea that helps kids to think positively about themselves, to choose encouraging and empowering language to describe themselves and serves as a daily reminder of their self-worth if it’s pinned up on their wall or mirror. Check it out!


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Pippa Tucker

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