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1 January

Living And Learning

Taken from Praise We Are One

Written in the rhythm of a work song addressing the theme of life cycles.

8 January

It’s My Life

Taken from One Of A Kind

A classic song that talks about how we can, and must, make our mark on every day. A feel-good theme that’s just as feel-good to sing. “There’s a story full of life and colour, only I can write

29 January

Up Times, Down Times

Taken from Praise To The One

A fun, funky, simple song about praising God in the good times and in the bad times.

5 February

Singing A Thankful Song

Taken from We Are One

“A simple song of gratitude and celebration - of unity, harmony, community and who we are in the context of relationship rather than isolation. A statement of inclusivity.

5 March

Living And Learning

Taken from We Are One

Written in the rhythm of a work song addressing the theme of life cycles.

26 March

Crying Out For Love

Taken from We Are One

"All of us hurt in the hard times”. Particularly suitable for times of sorrow and grief and a very valuable song for considering how we might respond to the struggles and needs around us.

2 April


Taken from We Are One

An easy song capturing the value and fun of doing things ‘as one’!

9 April

Sing Out An Easter Song

Taken from One Life

A joyful song of celebration for Easter and a firm favourite for many. The verses tell the story of Jesus’s death and resurrection, helping children, families and churches to explore the message of Easter together.

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Every time you use one of our songs in your church, please let the person who fills out your CCLI Church Report know. They just need to know the title of the song and CCLI number, which are shown with each song.

Living And Learning – CCLI number 2638946
Crying Out For Love – CCLI number 3931707
Together – CCLI number 2644253
Sing Out An Easter song – CCLI number 1092999
Living And Learning – CCLI number 2638946
It’s My Life – CCLI number 7050839
Up Times, Down Times – CCLI number 3109601
Singing A Thankful Song – CCLI number 7055946

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