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6 Sep

As One

Taken from We Are One

Singing this song as a church, family or children's ministry can help build unity, trust and teamwork, while exploring conflict and resolution. A pertinent theme for today’s world.

27 Sep

Extraordinary Me, Extraordinary You

Taken from One Of A Kind

A feel-good song for celebrating the uniqueness of who we are. With each other’s help, we can truly appreciate our individuality without the need for comparison.

4 Oct

It’s Good To Be Me

Taken from One Of A Kind

A feel-good, fun and contagious song, tackling crucial issues of self-acceptance and avoiding comparisons. “It’s great to be different but together!”.

25 Oct

Love In My Heart

Taken from We Are One

A universal message based on 1 Corinthians 13 giving us a moment to reflect on the non-physical way we refer to our hearts – a healthy heart also being about our priorities and the way we consider others.

8 Nov

Crying Out For Love

Taken from We Are One

“All of us hurt in the hard times”. Particularly suitable for times of sorrow and grief and a very valuable song for considering how we might respond to the struggles and needs around us.

29 Nov

Brighter Day Tomorrow

Taken from We Are One

This aspirational track addresses the issue of impacting tomorrow by the simple choices we make today. ‘There’s no telling what a difference we can make. This world’s waiting for the colours we’re yet to create.’

6 Dec

Good News, Good News

Taken from Good News!

A big gospel number with bags of energy and a great groove. One simple verse and chorus are repeated. Wonderful harmonies and opportunities for everyone to join in. An obvious choice for a finale or encore at an all-age Christmas service.

25 Dec

O Holy Night (Stars Have Come Out)

Taken from Good News!

A classic ‘Mark and Helen Johnson’ ballad voicing a heavenly perspective of Bethlehem. A song of beauty and anticipation, with scope for solo voice. ‘God will come to you with the fullness of heaven.’

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Every time you use one of our songs in your church, please let the person who fills out your CCLI Church Report know. They just need to know the title of the song and CCLI number, which are shown with each song.

Crying Out For Love – CCLI number 3931707
Brighter Day Tomorrow – CCLI number 6023148
Good News, Good News – CCLI number 7091344
O Holy Night (Stars Have Come Out) – CCLI number 7091338
As One – CCLI number 4277879
Extraordinary Me, Extraordinary You – CCLI number 7053324
It’s Good To Be Me – CCLI number 6023227
Love In My Heart – CCLI number 4277927

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