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10 - 17 Nov

This Remembrance Day

Taken from Single Song

This reflective song deals with the subject of remembrance and those men and women who have fought for our country.

22 - 28 Dec

Unto Us A Child Is Born

Taken from Songs For Every Christmas

A funky new tune for a familiar bible text. Plenty of repitition and a catchy chorus make this an accessible song for all ages.

Christmas Day

A Light Has Come

Taken from DIY Nativity

A song to celebrate Jesus coming to the world. "Let everybody celebrate this day, a light has come, a child is born".

29 Dec - 4 Jan

Hope Of Heaven

Taken from A Cracking Christmas!

This song explores the Christingle tradition, each part of the Christingle is described in an accessible way.

5 - 11 Jan

Wise Men

Taken from Bethlehem The Musical

A tango-esque song with an Eastern feel, this song is sung from the perspective of the Wise Men.

26 Jan - 1 Feb

We Are One

Taken from We Are One

This song highlights the value of singing together and the sense of strength and belonging that come from it.

2 - 8 Feb

Just The Same

Taken from One Of A Kind

A song to encourage us that success isn’t based solely on winning or losing, but that we are loved just the same either way..

18 - 22 Feb

One Of A Kind

Taken from One Of A Kind

A song to encourage us to make the most of every opportunity for living and growing. Bursting with possibility and positivity! ‘Seize the day and don’t look back!

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Every time you use one of our songs in your church, please let the person who fills out your CCLI Church Report know. They just need to know the title of the song and CCLI number, which are shown with each song.

Wise Men – CCLI number 7091349
We Are One – CCLI number 5079784
Just The Same – CCLI number 1575117
One Of A Kind – CCLI number 7050840
This Remembrance Day – CCLI number 7120049
Unto Us A Child Is Born – CCLI number 1095491
A Light Has Come – CCLI number 4026178
Hope Of Heaven – CCLI number 5460403

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