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10 Jan

As The Sun Rises

Taken from Praise To The One

A song of faith and gratitude to welcome any new day with hope and positivity. Focusing on the goodness of God, and our daily response to His love, this is a song of praise for any occasion.

14 Feb

Good To Us

Taken from Praise To The One

A powerful song to celebrate the goodness of God. "He is good to us!"

21 Feb

It’s My Life

Taken from One Of A Kind

A classic song that talks about how we can, and must, make our mark on every day. A feel-good theme that’s just as feel-good to sing. “There’s a story full of life and colour, only I can write”

28 Feb

I’m OK

Taken from One Of A Kind

Promoting self-worth, self-respect and a healthy sense of value, this happy-go-lucky song makes no apology for being ourselves.

7 Mar

As One

Taken from We Are One

Singing this song as a church, family or children's ministry can help build unity, trust and teamwork, while exploring conflict and resolution. A pertinent theme for today’s world.

14 Mar

Everybody Praise Him

Taken from Praise To The One

This simple song of thankfulness is suitable for children's and all age worship and can be sung as a round. Perfect as an introduction to worship for young and old alike.

28 Mar


Taken from Praise To The One

Packed full of joy, this song gives ample opportunities for clapping, stamping and rapping. It's truly a feast of melodic and rhythmic delight, bursting with bells, whistles and colour!

4 Apr

He Is Risen (Easter Blessing)

Taken from One Life

A song of blessing and declaration for Easter, perfect for Easter celebrations.

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Every time you use one of our songs in your church, please let the person who fills out your CCLI Church Report know. They just need to know the title of the song and CCLI number, which are shown with each song.

As One – CCLI number 4277879
Everybody Praise Him – CCLI number 5182860
J-O-Y-F-U-L – CCLI number 7025115
He Is Risen (Easter Blessing) – CCLI number 711987
As The Sun Rises – CCLI number 7119876
Good To Us – CCLI number 7125727
It’s My Life – CCLI number 7050839
I’m OK – CCLI number 4277893

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