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4 Jul

Just The Same

Taken from One Of A Kind

A song to encourage us that success isn’t based solely on winning or losing, but that we are loved just the same either way.

18 Jul

Living And Learning

Taken from We Are One

Written in the rhythm of a work song addressing the theme of life cycles.

15 Aug

Good To Us

Taken from Praise To The One

A powerful song to celebrate the goodness of God. "He is good to us!

29 Aug

We Are One

Taken from We Are One

This song highlights the value of singing together and the sense of strength and belonging that come from it.

5 Sept

Parts Of A Body

Taken from We Are One

Based on Corinthians 12:12-26, this song focuses on our individuality and interdependence.

19 Sept

Love In My Heart

Taken from We Are One

A universal message based on 1 Corinthians 13 giving us a moment to reflect on the non-physical way we refer to our hearts – a healthy heart also being about our priorities and the way we consider others.

26 Sept

Extraordinary Me! Extraordinary You!

Taken from One Of A Kind

A feel-good song for celebrating the uniqueness of who we are. With each other’s help, we can truly appreciate our individuality without the need for comparison. “Don’t go wishing you’re someone else, you can like who you are and be kind to yourself.”

17 Oct


Taken from We Are One

An easy song capturing the value and fun of doing things ‘as one’!

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Every time you use one of our songs in your church, please let the person who fills out your CCLI Church Report know. They just need to know the title of the song and CCLI number, which are shown with each song.

Parts of a Body – CCLI number 4101732
Love In My Heart – CCLI number 4277927
Extraordinary Me! Extraordinary You! – CCLI number 7053324
Together – CCLI number 2644253
Just The Same – CCLI number 1575117
Living And Learning – CCLI number 2638946
Good To Us – CCLI number 7125727
We Are One – CCLI number 5079784

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